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Film Permits

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Film production companies are required to submit a completed film permit application, a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the Town of Golden Beach as the certificate holder, a hold harmless agreement letter, a parking diagram for all film production vehicles, a copy of the letter of notification to the neighbors that reside within 50 feet of the property, the form that ensures the film crew is aware that they are to stay within the boundaries of the film location/parking plan and a check for the required fees.

Neighbors must be notified by mail at least 72 hours prior to production and copies of envelopes addressed to neighbors with postage affixed must be submitted with permit application.

The film permit fees for productions involving (10) people or less is $500.00 per day. If the production involves from (11) to (20) people the fee is $700.00 per day. For productions involving (20) to (30) people the fee is $1100.00 per day.  For productions involving (30) to (40) people the fee is $1500.00 per day. For productions involving more than (40) people the fee is $2000.00 per day. All film shoots will require an Off-Duty Police Officer to be present. The current hourly rate for Off-Duty Police Officers is $40.00 per hour and there is a minimum of (4) hours required. The officer is paid directly by check at the completion of the production.

Each production is subject to random, on-site inspection by Town Hall staff.