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During the year 2013, four Golden Beach Police Officers were named “Officer of the Quarter”.  The first officer to receive this award was Detective Dan Rosenberg.  Detective Rosenberg is a 10 year veteran and the department’s investigator for the past 3 years.  He inherited about 500 open cases needing some type of resolution, many needing follow-up work.  This task took approximately a year and his current case load is down to approximately 15 open cases.  Detective Rosenberg is also responsible with entering and maintaining all of the police department’s FBI crime statistics.  During this time he also sharpened his investigative skills by attending numerous specialized courses, such as interview and interrogation techniques, search and seizure, identity theft, computer forensics and cell phone investigations.   

The second officer to receive this award was Detective David Carrazana.  Detective Carrazana is a two year contractual highly experienced law enforcement officer assigned to an Internal Revenue Service Task Force.  He initiated an investigation by performing background research of an individual who had defrauded and embezzled approximately $1,200,000.00 from her employer.  The funds involved in the scheme were seized and all of the individuals involved were indicted.  Detective Carrazana also participated in an investigation involving identity theft and income tax fraud amounting to $10,000,000.00 in fraudulent U.S.Treasury checks cashed at a check cashing store. All individuals involved were arrested and three luxury vehicles were seized.

The third officer to receive this award was Officer Edward Lopez.  Officer Lopez took over 290 hours of intensive difficult training and was certified in Advanced Traffic Homicide Reconstruction Investigation.  He also trained and was certified as a Field Training Officer, Crisis Intervention and in Speed Measurement.

The fourth and final officer to receive this award was Officer Leila Perez.  Officer Leila Perez was recently named “Officer-in Charge” assigned to the afternoon shift.  She has been a long standing member of the Honor Guard and is currently the department’s Community Service Officer.  Officer Perez handles a multitude of request and inquiries relating to community outreach work.  Under her initiative and direction, she has brought the Golden Beach Community Policing Unit to a higher level and is the driving force in soliciting the involvement of our residents and Town representation for many events to include, Red Ribbon Awareness Week, Halloween Event, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Police Memorial Week in Washington, D.C., and the Career Day Outreach Program and Toy giveaway at the OJUS Elementary School.  It is through her commitment she proactively, educates children in our community and surrounding jurisdictions about the dangers of drug abuse.  Her continuous contact with children provides an excellent role model relationship, fostering a positive image of a police officer.  Officer Perez has earned the trust and respect of many, if not most, of our residents who feel comfortable and contact her with whatever issues they have.  She always takes the extra step and has made many contributions in making the Town a better and safer place to live for our residents and visitors.  

Significant accomplishments:

  • All sworn personnel received several days of extensive Police Motivational Leadership Training, (Blue Courage) by subject matter expert, Mr. Michael Nila.
  • The police department spent the year preparing and was accredited by the State of Florida in September
  • Chief DeLucca was elected 4th Vice President for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) in Philadelphia.
  • Police Department personnel participated in the annual law enforcement charity event, “Tour De Force” bicycle ride from Sunny Isle to Boynton Beach.
  • No internal affairs complaints were generated or reported during the year. 



  • Currently the Town of Golden Beach employs twenty-one (21) full time police officers, three (3) part-time police officers and four (4) reserve police officers.
  • The reorganization of the command structure creating two Commander Positions. (See Organizational Chart).
  • On January 7, 2012 part-time Police Officers, Eddie Lopez and Willie Lopez were upgraded to full-time police officer positions.
  • On February 14, 2012 Instructor/Certified, Marine Patrol Officer Robert Knight was hired as a reserve officer.
  • On May 16, 2012 Officer David Carrazana was hired and assigned to an I.R.S. Task Force.
  • On August 31, 2012 Part-time, Police Officer Kemuel Gambirazio was hired.
  • Officer Javier Diaz was selected as the “Officer of the Year” for 2011.
  • Officer Danny Avila was selected by M.A.D.D. Officer of the Year.
  • Sgt. Leo Santinello was selected as the Officer of the 1st Quarter for 2012.
  • Officer Eddie Lopez was selected as the Officer of the 2nd Quarter for 2012.
  • Officer James Camacho was selected as the Officer of the 3rd Quarter for 2012.
  • Officer Leila Perez was selected as the Police Department’s Community Service Officer working closely with the Town’s Special Events Coordinator, Michael Glidden.


  • Five days of extensive Police Leadership Training was conducted by renowned facilitator, Mr. Michael Nila to all sworn personnel at the Turnberry Isle Resort and the Marco Polo Hotel.
  • Police Officers, Pearson, Camacho and Matos were sent and graduated from the Honor Guard Academy.
  • Officer Robin Weiner completed eleven weeks of K-9 training with the Miami Beach Police Department.
  • Officer Robert Ruggiero and Officer Javier Diaz completed four weeks of motorcycle training with the City of Miami Police Department.
  • Detective Dan Rosenberg attended Search and Seizure training with the Miami-Dade County Police Department.
  • Officers Chris Pearson and James Camacho attended training seminar, “Developing the Leader in You”.
  • Detective Dan Rosenberg attended training in Cell Phone Investigations.
  • Sergeant Leo Santinello attended a 40 hour course in Police Line Supervision.
  • Officers, Robert Knight, Chris Jones and William Lopez attended the City of Miami’s 40 hour Officer Survival School.
  • Officer Eddie Lopez attended a 40 hour course in Speed Measurement.
  • Officers Robert Knight and William Lopez attended F.D.L.E.’s 40 hour mandatory training.
  • Officer Chris Pearson attended a 16 hour course in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Tactics.
  • Officer Robert Knight attended General Instructor Refresher Training.
  • Detective Dan Rosenberg attended a course in Legal Updates.
  • Officer Chris Pearson attended a 40 hour course in Breath Test Operator.
  • All sworn members of the department conducted state mandated firearms qualifications.
  • Officers Robin Weiner and Oscar Santana conducted shooting simulator training.
  • Officer Danny Avila completed a 40 hour course in Police Bicycle Certification.
  • Sergeant Santinello and Officers-in Charge, Carrasco and Ruggiero attend Critical Crime Scene Crisis Management Training.
  • Officers Javier Diaz and Edward Lopez attended Field Training Officer 40 hour course at the Miami-Dade College School of Justice. GBPD now has five (5) FTOs.
  • Seven (7) police officers are currently enrolled and working towards a Bachelor Degree from Union University.
  • Chief DeLucca continues to be the Chairperson for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) annual conference committee.
  • Chief DeLucca attended the annual IACP conference in San Diego, California.
  • Chief DeLucca attended the annual Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) in Washington, D.C.
  • Chief DeLucca was selected to attend U.S. Secret Service Executive Protection Course in Washington, D.C.
  • Commander Herbello attended a State of Florida Accreditation seminar in Tallahassee, Florida.
  • Commander Cadavid attended The International Conference for Police Executives in Seattle, Washington.


  •  New Police Department Regulations and Administrative Orders were created and issued to all sworn members in January 2012.
  • Created an off-duty accountability policy to capture proper distribution of funds.
  • Comprehensive Report Writing Manuals were created and issued to all sworn personnel in May 2012.
  • Department Regulations, Administrative Orders, Report Writing Manual and administrative forms were all placed and accessible from all police computers and laptops.
  • Officially applied and currently working toward State of Florida Accreditation.
  •  Assisted with the planning and placement of video security cameras and license plate readers throughout the Town.
  • Assisted in the planning and design of the new Marine Patrol Boat Lift in Center Island.
  • Updated the agencies Vision, Mission and Values statements.
  • Instituted monthly, “On Call” after hours, staff duty officer notification list.
  • Instituted monthly patrol shift representative meeting concerning police issues.
  • Created and placed on-line new police application form.
  • Updated and added new information to the police department’s web page.
  • Updated the department’s laptop computers giving officers the ability to print police reports from their vehicles in the Police Annex Building.
  • Updated the Town’s CodeRED emergency notification system.
  • Reviewed and updated the Town’s Hurricane Plan.


  • Using L.E.T.F., we leased two (2) new police equipped Harley Davidson Motorcycles.
  • Using L.E.T.F., we purchased three (3) new Chevrolet Tahoe SUV’s which were added to the current police fleet.
  • Using L.E.T.F., we purchased one (1) new heavy duty grade Chevrolet Pickup Truck for Marine Patrol vessel towing needs.
  • Using L.E.T.F., we purchased two (2) new administrative Ford Explorers.
  • Using L.E.T.F., we purchased three (3) heavy duty laptop computers for the Police Motorcycles and the Marine Patrol Boat.
  • Department-wide issuance, training and qualification of newly purchased Glock 40 caliber Pistols in June 2012.
  • We purchased new summer wear, duty police uniforms.
  • We purchased and trained an additional police K-9 dog trained in patrol and narcotic detection.
  • We purchased two (2) personal video/audio cameras assigned to the Traffic Enforcement Unit.
  • Using L.E.T.F. purchased of three (3) police equipped bicycles and related equipment.

Significant Incidents:

  • On April 10, 2012 the entire agency assisted the U.S. Secret Service by providing security and coordinating President Barack Obama’s fundraising event at 287 Ocean Blvd.
  • On December 20, 2011, a hydroponics grow house with over 400 pounds of marijuana was discovered at 373 Center Island Drive. Nine adult males were arrested.
  • During the month of December 2011, an organized elaborate home rental scam was discovered after a family illegally moved into the vacant home located at 675 Golden Beach Drive.  The investigation led to several arrests throughout Dade County and the City of South Miami.
  • Police Department personnel participated in the annual law enforcement charity event, “Tour De Force” bicycle ride from Sunny Isle to Boynton Beach.
  • The Golden Beach Honor Guard participated in the Police Memorial Ceremony in Dade County, Florida.
  • The Golden Beach Honor Guard participated in the National Police Memorial in Washington D.C.
  • Uniform patrol participated in the Tri-County Wide Vehicle Insurance Card Fraud Initiative.
  • The Police Department’s deliverables for F/Y 2011-2012 are as follows:
Patrol Categories 2012 2013 % Change +/-
Calls for Service 1,258 1,292 +0.03%
Accident Reports 46 26 -0.77%
Incident Reports 143 183 +0.22%
Resident/Citizen Contacts 9,168 13,901 +0.34%
Watch Orders 13,316 12,603 -0.06%
Field Subject Interviews 215 123 -0.75%
Traffic Citations 4,202 3,650 -0.15%
Traffic Warnings 2,431 1,905 -0.28%
Traffic Arrests 235 182 -0.29%
Misdemeanor Arrests 39 32 -0.22%
Felony Arrests 21 9 -1.33%
Vehicles Towed 82 27 -2.04%
Computer Hits 287 262 -0.10%
Backup Calls 1,830 1,546 -0.20%
False Alarms 165 115 -0.43%
Disturbance/Domestic Calls   68  


Marine Patrol 2012 2013 Change +/-
Resident/Public Assist Contacts 375 347 -0.10%
Citations 64 81 +0.21%
Warnings 220 162 -0.36%
Boat Inspections   90  
Backup Calls 57 36 -0.58%


Code Compliance 2012 2013 Change +/-
Code Citations 333 223 -0.49%
Code Warnings 226 423 +87%


Investigation Unit 2012 2013 % Change +/-
Cases Assigned 22 20 -0.10%
Cases Cleared 14 15 +0.10%

Note: In addition to the cases cleared, 27 other cases were cleared from 2007-2009

Monies Received F/Y 2012 F/Y 2013
South Florida Money laundering Task Force $18,822.93 $43,056.17
D.E.A Task Force $1,522,792.84 $91,592.77
I.R.S. Task Force   $32,352.21

Note: No Internal Affair cases were generated or reported during Fiscal Years 2011 or 2012

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