Due to environmental concerns, State and County Laws, and increased cost of solid waste disposal, the Town Council adopted an ordinance establishing standards for garbage and trash collection and a fee schedule for bulk items which cannot be practically boxed, bagged, or bundled. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep our Town clean by complying with the following code requirements:

COLLECTION DAYS –       Hours : 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Garbage Collection: Monday and Thursday
Trash Collection:  Tuesday and Friday
Recyclable Material Collection: Wednesday
If Monday is a holiday, garbage collection is on a Tuesday.

Place containers at curbside.

GARBAGE CONTAINERS – Not for more than 50 Gal.
Garbage should be placed in the blue receptacle imprinted with the Golden Beach logo. Do not place garbage in the containers furnished for recycling. ALL GARBAGE MUST BE PLACED IN PLASTIC BAGS.

ALL RECYCLABLES ARE TO PLACED IN THE BLUE CONTAINER IMPRINTED WITH THE WSI LOGO. Do not confuse it with the blue garbage receptacle imprinted with the Golden Beach logo.  Please place your newspapers,aluminum cans, tin cans, glass bottles, jars and plastic bottles LOOSELY in this recycled waste container.  DO NOT PUT RECYCLABLES IN BAGS. No telephone books, cardboard or plastic bags.

SEPARATE YOUR TREE TRIMMINGS AND PLANT WASTE – They may not be commingled with garbage.  Do not place tree trimmings and plant waste on top or near drains.
Tree limbs, plant waste, branches, or hedge clipping, shall not exceed 3’ in length, shall be properly tied and secured in bundles not weighing more than 40 lbs, and placed curbside for collection. Items that may not be easily bagged, boxed or tied will not be picked up unless arrangements for special collection with the Public Works Department have been made. Gardeners are responsible for hauling away the garden trash they generate.

All items which may not be picked up with the normal collection will be picked up after arrangements have been made with the Public Works Department. Call Town Hall at 305.932.0744 Ext. 235 to make arrangements for a special pick-up.

Light load:
Minimum Charge
(2 cubic yards or less)
(2-4 cubic yards)
 $60.00* *
For unusually heavy loads, the cost of dumping may be added to the minimum charge. Loads exceeding 5 cubic yards will be charged $7.00 per cubic yard plus the cost of dumping. Pre-paid check only.

It shall be unlawful to deposit garbage, plant wastes, garden trash, rubbish and other materials on any vacant lots, or Town property, streets, storm drains, canals, and beach areas, and to deposit, sweep or blow grass onto Town streets or pile trash over storm drains. If you see an individual dumping on a vacant lot, or any other illegal dumping, call the Police Department immediately.

It is also unlawful to randomly dispose of used motor oil, paint, batteries, gas tanks, and other combustible or potentially hazardous material.  Public Works WILL NOT pick up this kind of waste.  Residents of Golden Beach can visit the Miami-Dade County Home Chemical Collection Centers any time during normal operating hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday – Sunday) to dispose of home chemicals. No appointment is needed. No commercial disposal is permitted.

The locations of the Home Chemical Collection Centers are as follows:

West Dade – 8801 NW 58th Street, Doral, FL 33178

South Dade – 23707 SW 97th Avenue, Homestead, FL 33032 (Gate B)

More information on our Home Chemical Collection Centers can be found at https://www8.miamidade.gov/global/service.page?Mduid_service=ser1464798615648535&Type_organization=organization&Mduid_organization=org1462998168698976 


If at any time items can not be picked up during regular garbage/trash runs, a Public Works employee may leave an orange-colored door hanger to notify you of any violations.  Please follow the directives outlined on the hanger.

Landscape firms/gardeners are responsible for hauling away the trash they generate while doing business in Town. Any trash or rubbish generated as a result of construction activity must be handled in a similar manner.   No trash should be put out after 2 pm on Fridays or on weekends or holidays.