Barbara Shaheen is a long-time resident of Golden Beach. Her family has lived in Golden Beach since the 40’s. She went to the area schools for kindergarten, elementary and high school from her home at 416 Golden Beach Drive.

Barbara learned to ride her bike and drive a car on the streets of this Town. She learned how to sail and man a sailboat through the waterways and canals of Golden Beach.

Her children were the fourth generation to live in Golden Beach and her grandchildren, the 5th generation, have enjoyed the family homestead, the beach and the playground.

Golden Beach is a wonderful little town that has always had a special place in her heart.

Barbara is no stranger to the workings of the Town. Today you can watch the Town meetings from the comfort of your home but in past years she rarely missed a Town meeting and often attended the Building Regulations Board meetings. She also ran for the council and Mayor in the past and served on the Code Enforcement Board.

During her tenure on the Code Enforcement Board she was instrumental in meeting with Miami-Dade Water & Sewer, along with Councilman Julien Kheel and resident Barney Berman, to commence the process to replace septic tanks with a sewer system.

After her college years Barbara ran a summer Inn and Real Estate Office along with her family.  She was later employed at John Hancock before joining the family business of wholesale food distributors.

As we move our Town into the future, let us develop this community into what the residents envision and desire, by promoting community input with referendums or committees. Let Golden Beach be run in a fiscal responsible manner, keeping our Town solvent and keeping the welfare of the residents of the utmost importance. Let us promote a Town where professionalism, fairness, equality and respect are given to the residents.

Please feel free to contact me at: or 786-284-8574

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