My wife Kathie and I built our dream home in Golden Beach and raised our two wonderful children in the safety, security, and beauty of this community. The investment in our home, the growth of our children, and our involvement in the community has been a rewarding experience for me and my family.

I have been a practicing licensed attorney for almost 42 years with my primary focus in real estate transactional, commercial, contract, and business law. My legal training and experience has allowed me to diligently deal with the municipal issues that affect our town in an analytical, comprehensive and conservative manner.

I have had the distinct pleasure, honor and privilege of proudly  serving on the Council for 18 years from 1999 through 2017. As a tax paying resident  in Golden Beach for 24  years I am most sensitive concerning the budgetary economic issues that confront our town.

The Golden Beach we all love today has not always been so. I am proud of the accomplishments that have taken place as a result of the hard work and perseverance of the Mayor, my former Town Council Members, Town Manager, Town Administration, the Men and Women of OUR Police Force and, of course, YOU the Residents of this great town. We had a vision to make our community the best that it could be. That vision was converted to action and the fruits of our labor are apparent today.

Mi esposa Kathie y yo construimos la casa de nuestros sueños en Golden Beach y criamos a nuestros dos maravillosos hijos en la seguridad y la belleza de esta comunidad. La inversión en nuestro hogar, el crecimiento de nuestros hijos y nuestra participación en la comunidad ha sido una experiencia gratificante para mí y mi familia.

He sido un abogado con licencia en ejercicio durante casi 42 años con mi enfoque principal en bienes raíces transaccionales, comerciales, contractos y leyes de negocio. Mi entrenamiento y experiencia legal me ha permitido tratar diligentemente los problemas municipales que afectan a nuestra ciudad de manera analítica, integral y conservadora.

He tenido el distintivo placer, honor y privilegio de servir con orgullo en el Consejo durante 18 años desde 1999 hasta 2017. Como residente de Golden Beach durante 24 años, soy muy sensible con respecto a los problemas presupuestarios que enfrenta nuestra ciudad.