Mayor Glenn Singer has been serving as Mayor since February 15, 2005.  He has placed the successful growth and development of his community among his highest priorities.  Attracted by the Town of Golden Beach’s beauty, aesthetics, security, prized oceanfront location and exclusive family atmosphere, Mayor Singer moved his family to the Town in 1997.  Driven by his desire to help the Town accomplish its well-defined vision for the future, he quickly immersed himself in serving his community as an involved citizen.  He was first elected as a Councilmember, and after four years and one term as a councilmember, he was elected to his current position as Mayor, where he is currently serving his ninth term.

Mayor Singer brings a multi-faceted history of success to his position. After graduating from Florida State University he spent six years practicing as a Certified Public Accountant.  In 1990, recognizing massive demand for the outsourcing of payroll and employee benefits, he and his partners established the Florida-based National Business Solutions, a successful professional employer organization. In addition to his duties as Mayor, he is an active investor, lending his expertise to a number of businesses at various stages of growth in a variety of industries including real estate, technology and fitness.  He currently serves as a Trustee Board Member for Florida Municipal Insurance Trust.

Mayor Singer’s many accomplishments throughout his Administration include the implementation of a Marine Patrol, the establishment of the Town’s canine park, overseeing the Town’s purchase of two vacant lots that were subsequently earmarked for green space, and renovation of the Town’s Police Substation and the Town’s historic Beach Pavilion. Both renovation projects were completed on time and were within the established budgets.  The Town also replaced two of its three bridges which access the interior islands which make up part of the beauty that is Golden Beach.

Mayor Singer had a vision of what Golden Beach should look like and how it should function as a Town, and first brought his vision to the Town Council in 2006. On November 6, 2007 under his efficient leadership and vision the voters of the Town of Golden Beach overwhelmingly approved a General Obligation Bond Referendum for 14.5 million dollars.  The Town also completed a 53 million dollar Capital Improvement Project to enhance its streetscaping on Ocean Boulevard and Golden Beach Drive, underground all of the Town’s utilities, complete the Town’s stormwater management system, and replace the Town’s water distribution system. Mayor Glenn Singer is particularly proud of his involvement with the Town’s new Civic Center complex, which broke ground in October 2020.  According to Mayor Singer the time was right to implement the Capital Improvement Program and the right team was in place to make it happen.  Current projects include canal maintenance and a new Town Hall.  He is proud and excited to be leading the Town of Golden Beach into its Golden Future.

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