Elections Information

  • The filing fee for candidates is $50.00
  • The general election for Council and the office of Mayor will be held on the third Tuesday in February of each odd-numbered calendar year.
  • Every election is for the Mayor’s seat and two council seats
  • The Mayor is elected for a term of two years. Council members are elected for a term of four years.
  • Candidates for the office of Mayor will qualify and run for election in a group separate and apart from the office of Council.
  • Any qualified elector of the Town may be nominated for Mayor or Council member by petition signed by 50 qualified electors
  • The qualifying petitions and filing fee is filed with the Town Clerk during the period beginning 12:00 noon on the 50th day prior to the day of election ending on the 45th day prior to the election unless the date falls on a legal holiday, Saturday or Sunday, in which event the qualifying period will be extended to the next regular work day ending at 12:00 noon.
  • When the nominating petition is filed with the Clerk, the Clerk will determine the sufficiency of the petition and hand deliver the petition to the office of the Dade County Registrar who shall verify the number of valid signatures within five days.
  • To vote you must be a registered voter with Miami Dade County and have lived in Town for more than 45 days to be able to vote in a Town election.
  • The candidate for office of Council receiving the highest number of votes cast will serve as Vice Mayor. The Vice Mayor position rotates on an annual bases.
  • If the Mayor’s office becomes vacant, the duties and powers of the office of Mayor will be assumed and exercised by the Council member holding the office of Vice Mayor at the time the vacancy occurs. The Council member having received the next highest number of votes at the last general election shall assume the duties and powers of the Vice Mayor and serve as Vice Mayor until the next general election
  • If the Council fails to appoint a qualified Person to serve the balance of the remaining term of a Council member or Mayor’s office within 30 days after the office becomes vacant, the Governor of the State will fill the office by appointment of a qualified elector of the Town.