Beach patrol officers work in conjunction with ocean rescue personnel and are responsible for all of the beachfront areas of the Town.  Beach patrol officers operate 4-wheel, all – terrain vehicle that enables them to perform their duties on soft sand providing a safe environment for our residents and visitors.  We strive to make our residents feel and know they are safe at all times on our beach.

Remember that ocean conditions can change quickly.  Check with the lifeguard on duty if you are unsure of safe conditions.  Swim only in front of a lifeguard protected area; the ocean is always potentially dangerous.

Beach Warning Flag Meanings

GREEN FLAG – Low Hazard: Conditions are calm; normal care and caution should be exercised.

YELLOW FLAG – Moderately Hazardous Conditions: Moderate currents and/or surf are present; use extra care.

RED FLAG – Very Hazardous Conditions: Rough surf and/or strong currents exist; swimmers are strongly discouraged from entering the water.

DOUBLE-RED FLAG – Closed to the Public: The water and/or beach are closed to the public due to severe currents and/or surf, water pollution, the threat of lightening, or the presence of predatory fish.

PURPLE FLAG – Marine Pests: Jellyfish, man-of-wars, and/or sea lice are present.  This flag may be flown along with any of the other flags.