Monday, September 18, 2017

A Message from the Town Council

The Town Council would like to extend our support and outreach to our Residents as we continue to recover from Hurricane Irma. The Mayor and Council met on Friday afternoon in a Special Town Council Meeting to discuss our ongoing efforts in Town and to give a platform for Residents to speak publicly about the issues they faced during the storm and in the days after. Your feedback is important to us and we will continue to work with the Town Manager and Town Staff to be sure your needs are met. At our Special Town Council Meeting on Friday we tasked the Town Manager to compile a comprehensive report as to how we can improve services and response for future storms and emergencies. As the clean-up continues and utility services are returning to normal, we are still here to listen to your concerns; please let us know if we may be of any assistance. Town Hall is also logging and case-managing all calls that come through its main line at (305)932-0744.

Thank you,

Mayor Glenn Singer Vice Mayor Judy Lusskin Councilmember Kenneth Bernstein

Councilmember Amy Isackson-Rojas Councilmember Jaime Mendal


Tasty Treats Help Beat the Heat

We hope our Residents enjoyed our free food trucks this past Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

With many of you without power and many local businesses closed we know how comforting a nice meal or refreshing treat can be. Please join us again this Sunday, September 24th at the Beach Pavilion as we host our final food truck of the summer season. The Pizza Zilla food truck will be on site and serving starting at 12:00PM.

Town Scrubs Down

The Town has taken measures to disinfect areas of Town that may have been contaminated by Irma’s storm waters. Professional cleaning crews have serviced areas including the parks and playgrounds to help keep our Residents healthy and safe.

Utilities & Clean Up Information

Internet, Phones, Cable: We are aware of six homes within Town that are currently without power. FPL has assured us that this issue will be resolved by end of day today. Many services have been restored Town-wide. If you are still without service please contact or visit Town Hall; we are in constant communication with the utility companies and will keep working with them until utilities are completely restored.